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Bumi Lestari Conservana processes non-timber forest products from Indonesian conserved forests, such as vanilla pods, coffee beans, essential oil plants etc.

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Pioneering Enterprise

Conservana is pioneering enterprise that stands at the intersection of nature, restoration, and community. We differentiate ourselves by adopting nature-based farming and production practices that go beyond organic standards. By working directly with farmers, communities, businesses and consumers, we ensure fair trade and provide traceability, giving consumers the confidence to choose our products as a testament to their commitment to nature protection and restoration.

Shifting the Change

Conservana is shifting the change in the spice industry at large. We practice conscious farming and regenerative practices and demonstrate a real commitment to protecting and restoring the Earth and its abundance for future generations. Is a call to action for all farmers and consumers alike to recognize our interconnectedness with nature and strive for harmonious coexistence.

Catalyst for Change

Conservana is a catalyst for change, a plea to cherish and protect the Earth, and a commitment. To cultivating spices and sustenance in ways that honor the intricate balance of nature, and protect and restore abundance not only for today but for future generations.

Newfound Commitment

Conservana Is a newfound commitment to the principles of restorative and regenerative practices. We seek to restore the delicate balance between nature and agriculture, to heal the wounds inflicted upon our Earth.

What We Do

Conservana specializes in processing a diverse range of non-timber forest.

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Products sourced from protected forests in Indonesia, including vanilla pods, coffee beans, beeswax and essential oil plants. Our expertise lies in transforming these raw materials into high-quality, ready-to-consume end products, such as spices and ingredients for multiple industries.

With a commitment to local and global markets, we take pride in manufacturing, packaging, and distributing our products. Our primary mission is not only to enhance forest peoples'livelihoods but also to revive traditional forest gardening practices and promote climate-smart agriculture.

By adopting this restorative approach, we aim to safeguard forest ecosystems, preserve wildlife habitats, and mitigate the impact of climate change, at PT. Bumi Lestari Conservana, we firmly believe that through responsible and ethical practices, we can contribute significantly to the well-being of both our communities and the environment.

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Our Vision

A world economy that is Earth and People first.

Conservana envisions a harmonious world where nature thrives alongside prosperous communities. We strive to be a transparent company that collaborates with farmers, communities, and partners to cultivate and grow natural products in protected forests. Through nature-based farming and production practices, we aim to protect and restore the abundance of our nature.

Our vision is a world where nature’s abundance is celebrated, and every ecosystem is protected and restored for the well-being of present and future generations.

Our Mission

A Nature-Based Enterprise that empowers a new generation of leaders and changemakers.

Our mission is to promote restorative agroforestry and empower local communities by nurturing nature’s abundance through restorative practices, education, and collaboration. We are committed to preserving and enhancing the biodiversity of protected forests while supporting the livelihoods of farmers and communities. Through our transparent approach, we aim to build trust and create a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our Values

What defines us

Environmental Stewardship
We are committed to be responsible stewards of the Earth, promoting practices that preserve and enhance the natural world and its products.
We strive to create a balance between human needs and the health of the ecosystem, ensuring our actions today do not compromise the well-being of future generations. We practice restorative farming and production methods that enhance the environment and promote long-term ecological balance.
We prioritize the well-being of local communities and aim to create economic opportunities that empower and uplift their livelihoods. We believe in the power of partnerships and collaborations, working together in ecosystem with stakeholders, communities, and organization to collectively work towards our shared goals, maximize our impact and drive positive change.
We embrace innovation and continuously seek new approaches and methodologies to protect and restore nature’s abundance by leveraging technology, working with like-minded multi-disciplinary scientists, and local communities to discover creative solutions.
We believe in openness and honesty, ensuring transparency throughout our entire organization, from the ground to production, supply chain, from forests to consumers.
Education and Awareness
We are dedicated to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and restoring nature’s abundance and inspiring individuals to take action through our brands, campaigns, educational and advocacy efforts.

Our Approach

At Conservana, our commitment to wildlife-friendly practices extends to the heart of our operations, particularly in the production of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP). We embrace a unified project management system that efficiently oversees various sites and products. This includes our NTFP goods, which are cultivated through a rustic agricultural system implemented by forest farmers within the forest environment.

This rustic system is designed to preserve the forest and rehabilitate degraded areas without compromising the integrity of existing large trees. Through this sustainable approach, we not only meet long-term production requirements but also ensure minimal maintenance and low-cost cultivation of a diverse range of crops.


Production of NTFP

By avoiding the cutting of large trees, we enable the continuous collection of lucrative non-timber forest products, all while effectively managing the ecology of the forest. This practice is regularly monitored and evaluated by the Conservana team in collaboration with local community leaders, ensuring that our commitment to wildlife-friendly and sustainable practices remains at the forefront of our operations

Our Partners

Conservana Partners

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Our Products

Conservana Products

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